Building an art career and finding my place in the art industry has been a dream of mine since a young age - working for years to perfect my skill and find what I love to do. After receiving my BFA in Art Studio from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) I knew it would be hard for me to dive right into an art career, and would have to make my own way if I wanted to become an independent artist. Creating these realistic images into every day art has been an amazing and fun journey. I am loving every minute of this experience and am excited to watch it grow. 

I have experience in a range of tools, although I prefer to work mainly in colors pencil, marker and paint. Each design comes from an object we see often, that we may overlook as being "art". I love finding things that others may consider boring, or average and making them into something that people want to purchase.

I am beyond thankful for the family and friends who have believed in my art career. Without them I would not have pursued my degree, and would not have the confidence to build my own business.